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Candice(DONA) CD Birth Doula 
Professional Postpartum Doula
Trained Breastfeeding Specialist
Birthing From Within Mentor

Massage Practitioner
Infant Massage Instructor
Certified Happiest Baby Educator

Cherish Childbirth Care Owner
Cherish-Birth Prenatal Class Instructor

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Candice started her career as a Massage Practitioner which she trained for through a unique program that placed emphasis not only on massage but also a variety of other traditional therapies. Therapies such as Hydrotherapy, Herbology Aromatherapy and Healing Touch opened her mind to more natural therapy options and organically led her into a career as a Birth Doula.

For Candice receiving her Birth Doula Certification was a realization for her that she had only touched the surface of the amazing world of birth. As a result she continued studying and has since become a Birthing From Within® Mentor, a Breastfeeding Counselor, an Infant Massage Instructor, a Certified Happiest Baby Educator and a graduate of an 18 month Birth Study Group.

“I believe every women who is entering parenthood, whether it be for the first time or the fifth time, needs to be unconditionally supported during her birthing journey. I think I intuitively recognized a need for this level of support before I had ever been with a birthing women or studied about the birthing process. Now having attended over 70 births what I have also realized to be true is that this kind of support is essential for the entire pregnancy and the postpartum period as well.” 

Educating families has become one of Candice’s most enjoyed areas of birth work. Through developing Cherish’s unique Cherish-Birth prenatal classes she has been able to combine her knowledge and skills to help prepare women and their families for giving birth. “Knowledge is power and I think every good birth story has the common denominator of an empowered Mother. If I can help in any way to create that I will do it.”

Candice is passionate about the intimate work of being with people during the birthing process. This passion has not only become her career but also a hobby, “The role of a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator  is part of who I am. When I am not at a birth or meeting with a family to be, I am often taking a course, reading a book or watching a movie revolving around the subject of birth.”

By helping to support and educate mothers and families Candice feels her role as a Doula can make a difference in women’s births and in their roles as mothers. Candice hopes each of these people’s stories can help to make the changes that she feels are needed in our society in order to achieve better Mother and Baby care.

What People Are Saying...

JM 6051CH I didn't even know what a Doula was until after I got pregnant. My oldest sister asked me if I would consider a home water birth. To her surprise I said that I would love to find out more about it as I would like to have a natural birth and I was never excited about the idea of giving birth in the hospital. This is where she told us about Candice who we met soon thereafter. We connected with her from the start.
Both Cris and I thought she was very nice and knowledgeable. We had many questions as we were considering having a birth at home and without any interventions. We were looking for answers and we found that Candice was amazing at informing us of the alternatives and choices. She never told us what to do or what is best for us; instead, she offered us information. With the information and links she offered, we were able to decide upon what we felt was best for us.
During the birthing process I felt completely safe. I knew Candice was close as she was there when I had questions, she reminded me to breath deeper, she stroked my back and pushed on my lower back during sensations to ease the pain, she put a cool cloth on my shoulders when I felt exhausted, she had all the little things with her that I didn’t even think to have as this was my first birth. I can’t describe how thankful we are. Candice was never invasive or intrusive, but she was always there when we needed her. Love, Julia, Cris and Katherine.


Candice gave me the knowledge to make informed decisions and the confidence in myself to believe that I could give birth naturally.  She taught me to trust my body and to follow my instincts.  I was able to let go because I knew that she was there to support me.  Candice was present at both of my births and will be there for the next.  My family and I can never express how grateful we are for all of the love and support that Candice has given us.  Candice was born to do this job and her passion for it is apparent as soon as you speak with her.” - Kimberly Bromley

“Candice came as soon as we called ~ arriving at our water birth with helpful, healing energy. Communicating well not just with words but with eyes and hands as well...greatly easing a difficult labour.” - Karen M. Parco ~ R.N. & Midwife

“My husband and I are so grateful for you and the care you gave us before, during and after the birth of our baby boy Hunter! Not only were you amazing support for me, you were just as supportive for David throughout the entire birth process. Your support even extended to our entire family who waited so patiently for Hunter to arrive. We were also very appreciative of the extent of your knowledge and expert opinion but the fact that you always let us decide what we wanted after giving us all options and advice. You are an amazing support person and we would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone expecting a baby. I can't say enough wonderful things about you Candice and words cannot express how much gratitude we have for you and the work you do. We wish the very best with your business and are confident you will be one of the most successful well respected Doula's in the industry.” Best Regards,  - Jenny, David and Hunter Evans

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