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Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula
Womb Wellness Facilitator
Sexual Health Educator

As a Holistic birth attendant and homebirth trained doula, I come to birth believing it is a natural process and right of passage to every family. I commit to honoring your birth wishes, your personal family birth plan, and facilitating the creation of your birth and postpartum to be something connected to you on emotional, physical and spiritual grounds.

Being of multicultural heritage I recognize that culture and tradition play a huge role in birth and the transformation of family that occurs when a new baby arrives. I hope to work with you to respect and honor your personal traditions and cultural rituals.

I have completed doula training in 2006 with Earth Mama (Winnipeg, MB) and attained certification as a Traditional Birth Attendant in 2009, from La Matrona School of Traditional Midwifery.  (North Carolina USA)

I have six years of experience attending births, and have been present at homebirths, water births, V-BAC births, hospital births, planned and unplanned c-section births, and births in birth clinics.

I am comfortable in all birth settings, and competent in assisting your family to create a birth plan that feels true for you.

My tool kit includes the use of: massage, acupressure, homeopathy, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, meditation, creative writing, dance/ drumming and birth songs, Mayan belly massage, and West Indian belly wrapping.

Above all I believe birth is a natural healthy life event that is a catalyst for great transformation. It deserves trust and celebration.

I look forward to working together.

“Birth is the arrival of somebody from another place; the person who is arriving must be welcomed, must be made to feel that she has arrived in a place where there are human beings who will receive her gifts.” -Sobonfu Some


Meet Cassie

DONA Birth Doula Trained 

Breastfeeding Support for Doulas
Bastyr University

Acupressure During Labour, Workshop

Wildseed School of Herbal Studies
Intermediate Program

Your birth. Your body. Your baby. Your choices. Your experience. 

believe that your body is capable of birthing your baby and that you intuitively know how best to do so.

provide information regarding the process of labour and birth in order for you to make informed choices, normalize and demystify the experience, as well as reduce fear. 

support you in creating a space where you are grounded and empowered in your own birthing choices.

respect your voice and decisions, and work to support you in realizing your ideal birth.

I listen and adapt my presence throughout your labour to meet you where you are at.

offer herbal medicine as allies to aid you in your prenatal and postpartum periods.

Above all, I learn most from each Mama, Babe, and Family, whose births I am privileged to attend.


Welcome Message

Are you pregnant or a new parent looking for guidance, support & solutions?

Congratulations and welcome to Cherish Childbirth Care Vancouver - Where birthing families realize their full potential!

At Cherish, our mission is to protect the sacredness of the birthing process by providing knowledge that enables women to give informed consent about their birth and postpartum choices, allowing birthing families in the lower mainland to feel supported during their time of growth.

We are a resource for empowerment and support during pregnancy, the birthing process, and the postpartum period.

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Did you know?

Studies have shown the following benefits of having a Birth Doula present at birth:

  • 50% reduction in c-section rates
  • 25% shorter labour
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in Oxytocin use
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps or vacuum deliveries

Experts agree that having a Postpartum Doula can help you to:

  • Establish successful breastfeeding
  • Ensure you are getting optimal rest
  • Feel more connected with the “outside world”
  • Notice signs of postpartum depression early and refer you accordingly
  • Access resources to help your family get off to the right start

If you are like most parents you have been bombarded with information and stories of others’ experiences and you may be wondering how you will make decisions about your own child’s birth.

Every birthing family is entitled to the support and resources that will benefit them the most for a successful transition into parenthood. This includes you. Cherish is committed to empowering parents like you through your own individual experiences, providing the most positive, fulfilling and mindful birthing and postpartum process possible.

At Cherish Childbirth Care we believe that childbirth is much more than a one-time event – it is an opportunity for self-discovery.We provide a unique and empowering experience through our Prenatal Classes, Birth Doula Care, Postpartum Doula Care and Breastfeeding Support. We are here to set you up for success know matter what obstacles come your way.

Cherish will help you educate you and your partner through:


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